Try & Buy Program Sample
A $500,000 Domain
10% Upfront
Is $10,010.00/month

To achieve full monetization, a website should

utilize display ads, direct ads, affiliate marketing,

digital products, and memberships.

Revenue generated from monetization

could effectively cover

or offset the expenses of the website


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Mxaxz™ Try & Buy program is a great way to purchase your domain.

This program allows you to start using your domain and

generating traffic to your website

while making payments towards ownership.

It's especially beneficial if you don't have the upfront capital

to purchase the domain outright.

This program allows you to build up your website traffic and brand

while paying off the domain in manageable installments.

If for any reason you find that the domain isn't a good fit,

you can simply return it at the end of the lease period

without having invested a large amount of money.




A $500,000.00 Domain

Through Efficient SEO and Marketing

Can Easily Offset and or Pay

For The Domain




Try & Buy Mxaxz™ Domain – USD

Domain Value $500,000.00

Down Payment % 10.0000%

Down Payment $ $50,000.00

Domain Finance Amnt $450,000.00

Interest – Per Year 12.0000%

Interest – Per Month 1.0000%

Finance Term - Years 5.00

Finance Term - Months 60.00

Pmnts Made 0.00

Pmnts O/S 60.00

Monthly Payment $10,010.00

Monthly % Of Principal 1.2002%

Principal O/S - $ $450,000.00

Principal O/S - % 100.0000%

Interest O/S - $ $150,600.09

Interest O/S - $ 33.4667%

This Payment - $ $5,455.45

This Payment - % 54.5000%

This Payment - % $4,554.55

This Payment - % 45.5000%

ANNUAL PAYMENT $120,120.02



To calculate the number of website visitors and clicks required to generate approx. $10,000 per month


You need to know the following


1. Impressions

Impressions are the number of times your

content is displayed,

(site visits) no matter if it was clicked or not


2. CTR (Click Through Rate)

Google© Healthcare Click-Through Rate (CTR): 6.11%

The health and medical industry sits near the top average CTR on Google Search Ads


3. CPC (Cost Per Click)

Google© Healthcare Cost per Click (CPC): $4.22

Google's click algorithm, CPC can fluctuate based on several factors

Eg: Quality score. Competition.


4. RPM (Revenue per Mille)

Impressions, number of times content is viewed, no matter if it was clicked or not


If you had a website that saw 10,000 visitors and Google AdSense says you earned $10.00 that day

Then $10.00/10,000 X 10000 = $10.00 Pg/RPM

(Or whatever Google Invents)



Any successful campaign should encompass a combination of display ads, direct ads, affiliate marketing, digital products, and memberships to fully monetize a scalable online platform. Diversifying revenue streams not only maximizes income potential but also minimizes dependence on a single source of revenue. By incorporating various strategies, you can reach a broader audience, enhance user engagement, and ultimately drive higher profits. This multifaceted approach ensures a sustainable and resilient business model in the dynamic landscape of digital advertising and online monetization.


An example revenue breakdown for a hypothetical online platform that incorporates the mentioned strategies:


Display Ads: $2,500 per month

This includes revenue generated from banner ads, sponsored content, and display advertisements placed strategically across the website.


Direct Ads: $1,000 per month

These are direct partnerships with advertisers who pay to have their products or services featured prominently on the platform.


Affiliate Marketing: $3,000 per month

This involves earning commissions by promoting products or services from other companies through affiliate links.


Digital Products: $4,500 per month

Revenue generated from selling digital products like e-books, online courses, or software on the platform.


Memberships: $2,000 per month

Income from monthly or yearly subscriptions that provide exclusive content or benefits to members.


Total Monthly Revenue: $13,000


By combining display ads, direct ads, affiliate marketing, digital products, and memberships, this platform achieves a diverse revenue stream of $13,000 per month. This approach not only ensures a stable income base but also allows for scalability and continued growth as the platform expands its user base and offerings.


Please note that the numbers are hypothetical and for illustrative purposes only, and actual revenue figures may vary based on the platform's size, audience, and industry.