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FINAL Domain Valuation


Domain valuation is the process of ascertaining the

monetary value of a domain name within

a specific industry and its market capture or

its direct impact the digital marketplace.


Similar to real estate, domain names carry

substantial worth influenced by a range of factors.



The Branded Keyword Domain represent the

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The global health and fitness industry has achieved remarkable growth,

expanding from $67.19 billion to

$96.7 billion USD between 2009 and 2019, a 69% increase in just a decade.


With the increasing recognition of physical activity's role in strengthening the immune system, the home-gym apparatus market is projected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 9% from 2019 to 2025.


In 2019, the US fitness club industry generated over $38 billion from more than 107,000 establishments, with total industry revenue exceeding $35 billion.


The COVID-19 pandemic had a significant impact on the fitness industry due to preventive measures or health safety.

Controlled Social Fitness Groups will change that.

Health and fitness now resonate with 79% of consumers across six nations,

with 42% considering it a top priority.


A global health market assessment values it at over $1.5 trillion,

with an annual growth rate of 5-10%.


As consumer spending on personal health rebounds, businesses can anticipate increased purchasing power and interest, particularly following the COVID-19 crisis.


These compelling statistics underscore the thriving and

evolving landscape of the health and fitness industry.



Notwithstanding any of the additional

Revenue items listed below

Basic Membership Alone

Is a Billion Dollar Business


3,000,000 monthly members

At $29.95/month

$89,850,000.00 A Month

$1,078,200,000.00 Annual



Revenue items that could contribute to the income generated from Teamercise™ members:

Membership Fees

Different tiers of membership with varying benefits could be offered, each with a corresponding monthly or annual fee.


Upgrade Options

Members could have the opportunity to upgrade their memberships for enhanced features, exclusive content, or personalized training.


Personal Training Packages

Offering personalized training sessions, either in-person or online, for an additional fee.

Workshop and Class Fees: Specialized workshops, classes, or training sessions could be offered for a fee, targeting specific fitness goals or interests.


Merchandise and Apparel

Teamercise-branded merchandise, such as workout clothing, accessories, or equipment, could be sold to members.


Nutrition Plans

Offering personalized nutrition plans or meal guides for members looking to complement their workouts with proper nutrition.


Challenges and Competitions

Organizing fitness challenges or competitions with entry fees and prizes for participants.

Event Participation: Members could pay to participate in fitness events, such as races, charity walks, or virtual competitions.


Affiliate Partnerships

Collaborating with fitness-related brands to offer discounts or exclusive deals to Teamercise members, generating affiliate income.


Celebrity Workout Partners

Celebrity Fitness is making a huge comeback sharing their workouts expecially

Pro Sport Athletes and Teams what have huge followers on Social media


Virtual Workshops and Seminars

Hosting online workshops or seminars on fitness-related topics and charging a fee for attendance.

Exclusive Content: Offering premium, members-only content such as workout videos, tutorials, or expert interviews for a subscription fee.


Online Coaching

Providing virtual coaching services, where members can interact with fitness coaches and receive personalized guidance.


Community Support Groups

Creating paid online support groups or forums where members can connect, share experiences, and seek advice.

App Integration: Developing a fitness app with premium features available through in-app purchases or subscriptions.


Corporate Memberships

Offering discounted memberships or wellness programs to companies looking to promote employee health and team building.


Virtual Reality Fitness

Partnering with virtual reality platforms to provide immersive fitness experiences for a fee.

Charity and Fundraising Events: Hosting fitness-related charity events where members can participate for a cause, generating donations and fees.


Fitness Retreats or Camps

Organizing fitness retreats or camps that members can join for a fee, offering intensive workouts and wellness activities.


Specialized Training Programs

Developing specialized training programs for specific fitness goals (e.g., weight loss, muscle gain) that members can enroll in for a fee.


Membership Referral Program

Incentivizing members to refer new members by offering discounts or rewards for successful referrals.


These revenue items can contribute to the financial sustainability and growth of the Teamercise™ community while providing valuable services and opportunities for its members.





Teamercise™ Marketing Partners

Empowering Success

Through Collaboration


Marketing Partners for Teamercise™


Fitness Equipment Brands

Partner with companies that manufacture workout equipment, offering exclusive discounts to

Teamercise members.


Athletic Apparel Brands

Collaborate with sportswear companies to provide stylish and functional workout clothing for Teamercise members.


Nutrition and Supplement Companies

Partner with nutrition and supplement brands to offer specialized products and guidance to enhance members' fitness journeys.


Health and Wellness Publications

Collaborate with magazines, blogs, or online platforms that focus on health and wellness to promote Teamercise.


Fitness Technology Companies

Partner with wearable tech brands to integrate fitness tracking devices and apps with the Teamercise platform.


Travel and Adventure Agencies

Collaborate with travel agencies to offer fitness-themed vacations and retreats for Teamercise members.


Local Fitness Studios

Establish partnerships with local gyms and fitness studios, offering mutual benefits and cross-promotions.


Healthy Food Delivery Services

Partner with meal delivery services to provide nutritious meal options for members' convenience.


Corporate Wellness Programs

Collaborate with companies to offer Teamercise memberships as part of their employee wellness initiatives.


Online Fitness Influencers

Partner with social media influencers in the fitness niche to promote Teamercise and its benefits.


Sports Brands

Collaborate with sports brands to offer specialized training programs and content for specific sports or activities.


Fitness Events and Competitions

Partner with organizers of fitness events, races, and competitions to promote Teamercise as a training resource.



These marketing partnerships can help expand the reach of Teamercise™ and provide added value to its members through exclusive offers and collaborations.


Calculate Market Capture Rate

With approx. 62 million gym memberships in the USA,

Teamercise™ as a brand is strategically positioned

to tap into a substantial market


Assume an market capture rate (first 24 months) of just 1%

We can explore the potential valuation based on

Peloton's business model as a reference point


Simple breakdown using Peloton's 2021 valuation of $4.13 billion

1% market capture: 1% * $4.13 billion = $41.3 million

Teamercise™ has the potential to make

A Huge impact on the fitness industry


If we extrapolate the same 1% of 62 million gym memberships

As an estimate of Teamercise's potential market capture

We can follow a similar approach as before:


Total Gym Memberships in the USA

62 million Memberships

Market Capture Rate: 1%

1% of 62 million

0.01 * 62 million = 620,000 Teamercise™ members


Using Pelotons™$4.13 billion revenue

7 million members ($590/member)

The potential revenue for Teamercise

With a capture rate of 1% of the 62 million memberships


(Revenue per member) * (Number of members)

($4.13 billion / 7 million) * 620,000 members

$365,800,000.00 / Revenue



NSCA Certified Personal Trainer®

"The word alone would capture

10% of a fitness marketplace."




Within 5 years, there will be no fitness platform
that WILL NOT copy the
Teamercise™ business model.